Be careful how you look at him

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 2, 2009 14:55:19 July 2, 2009 14:55:19

That’s what they’re hissing at her…

At Emilie de Ravin, as she shoots with Robert Pattinson in New York today on the set of Remember Me, looking up at him beguilingly, so pretty, they are shouting it from every corner of the world:

Don’t you f-cking look at him like that you bitch! Or I will cut you!

Can you hear the Twi-Hards crying?

There may actually be someone they hate more than me. And she’s not Chinese!

They also could be weeping because Robert “Rob” does look particularly handsome in these shots. He doesn’t work for me every day. Today he’s working more than usual. Maybe because his child bearing hips aren’t quite so prominent.

I love how the crazies have forced him to run his ass to and from the set though. Check out the intensity. Like he can’t wait to get the f-ck away from them. I’ve been told I don’t understand “fan mentality”. Is this how a true fan is supposed to make him feel?

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