Some non-romance related updates for you Twi-Hards, this has to do with shooting location in response to the daily flurry of emails I receive for production information related to the 4th and possibly 5th movie(s).

You’ll recall I was the first to report that due to provincial tax credit drama and competing incentives, Portland became a more viable location. Despite reports elsewhere, as of this weekend, no final decision has been made. Having said that, Vancouver remains Summit’s first choice even though the tax credit situation has yet to be sorted.

My sources tell me exclusively Summit representatives met with the BC government just before Christmas to see if a favourable arrangement could be worked out. That meeting concluded with NO commitments from government officials who explained that they were not prepared to look at any new tax structure until after the Olympics. Summit was hoping to make a decision sooner.

Further, many crew members who worked on Twilight New Moon and Eclipse are now working on the new Fox show Human Target (shot in Vancouver) which enjoyed a solid debut the other night. As of two days ago, those crew members have not been informed of any movement to go back to Twilight. Yet.

There’s been some buzz among certain local special effects firms that a contract is coming, anticipating a June start date. The timing is encouraging for those lobbying for a Twilight return. This would allow for 3 months of prep before principle photography in September. So it looks promising... but there are still many variables at play. Will keep you posted.

And now... since I know you’ve missed it... how about a little Twi-Hard hate mail. They are an unforgiving lot. It’s been ages since I’ve snarked on their beloved. Still last week I received the following from Darcy:

Hey Lames,

How you feeling today. Spooning butter into your mouth, better watch the size of your ass, lol! I seen you on tv and that other oriental girl makes you look humungoid. So Robsten is the real deal so take your James Franco and suck it back like your vodka alkie!

Ya, we’re Twi-Hards loud and proud. Rob and Kristen have millions celebrating in the joyousness of their love while all have is your pathetic life. Cuddle up to that mutt of yours because when your husband leaves you for a Twi-Hard it’s gonna get real lonely in your hating existence. Should I start sending him pictures of me? I bet it won’t take much to leave you in the dust, lol! God it must suck to be around you all day with your breath and your wide load. What goes around comes around, LAMEY!

Couldn’t decide which photo to attach for this article since there are no new ones so I decided to go with this one: because it reminds me of my favourite scene in New Moon. When, in Quileute, Jacob tells Bella he has a boner.

Photo from Wenn.com