Want to spend a night with the screaming fangirls? And the horny fanmoms? I know you do, don’t lie!

Twilight is our sick, twisted addiction. Ugh.

So yeah, I’m totally going.

And are you?

We have 10 pairs of passes to the Twilight premiere on November 19th. Five (5) for Vancouver and five (5) for Toronto. Your chance to see it before anyone else.



Sorry to be a bitch but, well, I do want you to win. And you can’t win if you’re not paying attention.

So if you’re interested in going (and feeling ashamed – I’m totally going in disguise) email [email protected] before 1pm Eastern tomorrow (Friday, November 14th, 2008) with Twilight as the title. Please also include your city in the subject line (e.g “Twilight – Vancouver”). If you enter, check your email tomorrow afternoon because we need to get the passes couriered out ASAP to get to you in time for the show. Standard terms apply. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!

Here’s Robert Pattinson tweaking up the Twilight freaks at a mall in Chicago yesterday.

PS…if you entered the NKOTB draw make sure to check your emails too! Still waiting to hear back from a few winners and the show’s, like, really soon.