Many of you have been asking when they’ll return to Vancouver to resume filming. Probably August, yes. BUT…there’s no confirmed date. Any reports you’ve read about an exact date in August are premature considering the schedule is still being drafted. Again – the schedule is STILL BEING DRAFTED. But let’s hope they give us the entire summer off.

Anyway, right now production is focused, among other things, on casting remaining characters in Eclipse. Have just received some exclusive new information about what they’re looking for.

Still Leah and Seth Clearwater. And my sources tell me that they’re favouring Canadian suggestions for the role of Riley. Originally the agents were looking for “name talent”. They’ve now modified their criteria. This suggests that Channing Tatum might be too established to take on this kind of supporting position. Perhaps they think GI Joe will blow up the box office. The trailer looked sh-tty though.

Anyway, postings for Maria, Bree, and Royce King are also now active. Quick Google check tells me that Royce King is the dude who raped Rosalie. So presumably Rosalie gets a flashback scene. Don’t lie Twi-hards. I know you care about this.

Attached – Robert Pattinson arriving at his hotel tonight in New York. From the side his hips don’t seem so mother-y.

Us Weekly this week has some good dish in their new issue tomorrow about the Pattinson/Stewart situation. Check it out.

Photos from Asadorian-Mejia/Splash