The cast of Twilight dressed up for In Style. What I said in my movie review about Rob Pattinson as Edward arriving at school in sunglasses announcing his new status as Bella’s boyfriend – this photo of him with Kellan Lutz pretty much captures it. He has a great body for clothes, non? This is making Laura crazy. So much so that right now Rob has temporarily overtaken Daniel Craig. And she’ll probably be mad at me for telling you but she didn’t send me to the Twilight junket so I don’t care. We’re even!

Anyway, Rob is also pictured In Style with Kristen. As you can see, they are very well matched physically and possess facial characteristics that the Chinese would say reflect the Husband/Wife Common Face” – when two people are right for each other, their features reveal many similarities and bring good fortune.

Also attaching a screen cap of that kiss. If you’re seeing it tonight, make sure you have a booty call lined up.

And finally, many of you have emailed today about Kristen’s painful interview with Letterman last night. She was terrible. Unable to let go, to have fun, awkward as f-ck, sullen to the point of insolence… and still I adore her. She’s a bitch! Not a pretend bitch but truly, truly an authentic bitch to the bone! Bitches are better than Bella!

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