We discuss this all the time, how I can be so fickle. Laura’s Robert Pattinson problem is now 18 months old. This is a ridiculously long time for a celebrity crush. When I tell her this she tells me that I have no loyalty, and that she doesn’t understand how I can go from love to hate so quickly when my crushes are over. She also won’t speak to me today because she’s Italian and I sent her this email about an hour ago:

What does Forza Slovakia mean???

Anyway, on the subject of being fickle: what’s the point of fantasy if they disappoint you?

Real life is about understanding, patience, tolerance, acceptance. Fantasy life is about illusion, no flaws, and suspension of disbelief.

The way Jackson Rathbone’s legs are looking in these photos from yesterday, as he visited the crazy lineup for the premiere with other Twilight castmates, does not belong in the fantasy life. I also don’t want to see photos of him standing shorter next to other men. Is he shorter than Peter Facinelli? Because I stood in line with Peter Facinelli once at the airport and that’s not more than 5 ft 8.

The good news is that the Eclipse premiere is tonight. Jackson can make it up to me. And those people sleeping there for several days with no easy access to use the facilities... is it starting to smell?

I just... can’t... how??? More on this later. There’s a great video.

Photos from Wenn.com