Twilight has returned to Vancouver. The cast has come to shoot Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2, mostly exteriors after working on mostly interiors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where they went virtually unpapped for almost the entire duration, leaving Twi-Hards idle in their losering with nothing to look at.

But Twi-Hards are particularly rabid in Vancouver. Is it the extra nutrition in the sock-eye salmon? Welcome back!

Several tertiary cast members – including MacKenzie Foy who’s supposed to be the most beautiful child of the two most beautiful characters ever and she is indeed very cute – arrived on the weekend, and yesterday it was the star-crossed couple on a private jet, with several bodyguards, quickly whisked away to their hotel. MTV must be jizzing all over that Snooki creature at the sight of Robert Pattinson wearing one of their jackets. His mothering hips are almost non-existent in these shots and he’s wearing those pants very well.

As for what they’ll be doing here on the West Coast, I can tell you exclusively that filming includes – in no particular order:

  • Bella’s new vampire hunting
  • teaching the hybrid child about hunting
  • some sh-t in pretend-Alaska
  • something about Romanian vampires
  • something about a movie theatre and Edward’s flashback
  • Bella kicking Jacob’s ass
  • Jacob training baby wolves (this all sounds so ridiculous to write, is it as ridiculous to read?)
  • Bella practising her mind techniques
  • the father-son “baseball” conversation between Carlisle and Edward (click here for a refresher)
  • the wedding (yes, the wedding)
  • a happy future family scene when the kid is all grown up
  • and the final scene of the saga which is, unless they change it in editing, the two lovers in the meadow.

All told about 7 weeks. So Twi-Hards…are you booking your tickets?

Photos from
PUNKD Images