Several Twilight cast members left Vancouver today to head to the Teen Choice Awards in LA. Last night they once again gathered together for a group dinner, walking in a row downtown, reminds me of that press shot of Friends…was it Season 7?

By request, Twi-Hards, by request, the photos are attached.

Eating together and also working out together – here are Kellan Lutz and Elizabeth Reaser after the gym. Kellan as you can see is totally ripped. Me I’m not down with dudes who walk around in beaters. This is a personal preference. Am sure many, many, many of you don’t mind. It’s whatever quivers your lady business. Beefcakes have never quivered my lady business. Please however go ahead and let the Lutz quiver your lady business. I’m your pusher.

PS. Taylor and those dress shoes. It needs to stop.