Now that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and the major producers of the Twilight franchise have left Vancouver, the lower tier actors are walking on looser leashes. Which is why a couple of them, after several weeks of being ordered to stay undercover, were wide open and accessible for papping yesterday during their final days of production.

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone were out for lunch. Their arms were around each other at one point. And apparently they were initially holding hands until they were spotted. So now everyone thinks they’re hooking up which, I guess, is the point.

Meanwhile Kellan Lutz worked on Monday morning in lieu of Kristen Stewart whose call time was pushed back to 3pm as she was returning from New York. He flew back to LA on Monday night, turned around in less than 24 hours, and arrived in Vancouver again on Tuesday night, with this McCord girl. Supposedly his on-off gf.


It looks like we’ve found someone with worse hair than Katherine Heigl. Kellan Lutz just made the all time club. Goddamn, what is happening there???

Photos from PUNKD Images