You all love the lunatic twi-hard hate mail. Unfortunately they haven’t been very creative lately. Angry and upset, yes. But not creative.

How about a lunatic twi-hard catfight? Can I offer you one of those?

Received this from a long time reader coincidentally called Rob from way back during the newsletter days, right? Thanks for the support!

Anyway, Rob was at Blockbuster last night and saw this go down.


Last night I was in Blockbuster in line waiting to check out. At the front of the store they had those big cheap framed pics for sale. A big sign saying 80% off. The typical ones like Marilyn's dress blowing up, breakfast at Tiffany's. But right in the middle was one of Robert Pattinson in color. Suddenly almost at the same time there were two screams that made your hair stand straight up and two BIG Twilight freaks are running for that pic. They get there at the same time. Well of course it turns into a c-nt, bitch, whore screaming contest, as they are both pulling on the pic. Then suddenly it turns in to hair pulling and slapping, then rolling around on the floor, knocking over displays. The whole time with the name calling too. They had to call the police to break it up. I am laughing my ass off. You would have thought they were fighting over a ticket to have dinner with him. But a f-cking framed poster? I just do not get the insanity to where you would get arrested over this. So even down here in Miami we have the Twilight freaks here too. Have a good day.


Do you love it?

Please next time this happens, please capture it on video.

By the way – you’ve seen this right? Those are real tears!

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