The Jolie’s staff looks to have a green eye staring out from its head. Does it fire laser beams? Any character with horns growing out her head has to walk around with a staff. It would be irresponsible not to. Maybe one day nerds will start writing horny fan fiction about the time Maleficent and Galdalf f-cked each other in a cave.

Maleficent had visitors on set today. The twins Vivienne and Knox came to see their mother at work. No sign of the four older ones. Maybe dad took them to the roller coasters. Sometimes it sucks to be the littlest at 3. It feels like you’ll never be tall enough to reach that measuring line that says you’re allowed on the big kid rides. Also Vivienne’s hoodie is super cute and would appeal to most Asian adult females. I want one and I’m almost 40.