Rooney Mara, who is the US Lisbeth Salander, and Mia Wasikowska, who could have been the US Lisbeth Salander, were both at the CFDA Awards last night. Which reminds me of this article I posted last week about Rooney saying she didn’t think the other girls who were rumoured for the part were exactly right for the part either and my corresponding paragraph about that strange Hollywood reality:

There it is. That’s what happens all day, every day in that town. Two good parts all year and all of them fighting for it, second guessing themselves, questioning each other, judging each other...

And then at the parties it’s all kisses and hugs!

Oh look! They’re at a party and it’s all kisses and hugs!

As for what they’re wearing - I hate Mia’s from head to toe and Rooney works for me but for those lame bridesmaid shoes that she borrowed from Jennifer Aniston.