When she listens, when she dumps the gawdy Vegas beads and goes understated in black, Beyonce is truly delicious. As she was last night at the Sports Illustrated event to launch her cover and photo spread. Never mind that the dress is kinda last year – you take it where you can get it y’all and I’ll take this over whatever she’ll be wearing at the Oscars (if she’s going). Because YOU KNOW it’s going to suck ass. Just like that nasty Dereon sh-t she keeps trying to sell. Have a look at the new ad – Beyonce and Solange modeling their mother’s sinfully ugly designs. And check out the tagline too: Where the Sidewalk and Catwalk Meet …Tha F*ck??? First of all…cheese. Second… cheap. Third… cheese and cheap and LANGUAGE-CHALLENGED ad firm. Where the Sidewalk and the Catwalk Meet???? Sound it out in your head. No marketing professional worth her/his salt should have approved this. Not only because it’s frickin’ lame…but also because there are a million alternatives that just simply SOUND better. How about: Where the Sidewalk meets the Catwalk? How about proof-reading??? How about a Marketing Strategy that’s actually well conceived? How about hiring some PROFESSIONALS? And that’s what’s becoming readily apparent and pretty offensive when it comes to Beyonce, you know? She is a world class performer, she is a world class talent, but she is also a world class Corner Cutter – from her weave to her clothes to nickel and dime-ing on dancer salaries for her videos, to taking it half ass on a promotional budget for her own label, the girl screams Low Rent. That’s all. Source