much do I love this?

Sasha and I spent a few minutes perving over it on our call this morning.

Tyra Banks and Drake were spotted together at Disneyland this weekend. Someone iPhoned them. Are they doing it? Oh I hope so. Click here to see the photos.

But Gossip Cop says that she says that they just ran into each other there. So it wasn’t a “date” even though they ended up hanging out. A date doesn’t have to start out as a date to qualify as being a date, does it?

As Ryan Gosling has demonstrated, Disneyland means ....something.

For Drizzy and TyTy, I don’t give a sh-t what it means so long as we get more of it. Tyra B is straight up crazy. Watching her navigate a relationship with a pop playboy 13 years her junior will give us, all of us, great, great joy.