Look. We all want a wedding-off. A Brange vs JJ wedding-off is GREAT for Gossip. But since the story comes from the UK Sun-- that Brange applied for a marriage licence and want to marry around the same time as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux -- there’s no way we can believe it, because it’s bullsh-t. Classic make-up-a-story following PEOPLE’s article last week that JJ are planning their wedding in the next few weeks. But you can see how the eternal Triangle still makes headlines, no matter how unreliable the source and implausible the report.

In other Aniston wedding news, her rep has denied that there’s to be a Hawaiian wedding. Hawaii? If it’s a beach it would be Mexico, non?

And here’s some interesting Aniston exclusive gossip I heard recently --

My sources tell me that, like Drew Barrymore, she’s apparently working on her own branded makeup line, hoping to have it carried at a mass consumer outlet like Walmart or Target as opposed to upscale department stores. I heard that she was hoping to get into clothing too -- at the mall! Supposedly there was a collaboration with Express or The Limited that was in development for a button-down shirt, ¾ sleeves and it would have been called The Aniston but it never happened because she didn’t have enough time to devote to the proposal. Everyone’s GOOPing!