Written by Jacek

Here’s an idea folks! With all of the baseless, speculative, knee-jerk investing that we’ve been seeing in the last decade, you’ll now be able to trade weekend box office movie receipt futures starting in the 3rd quarter of this year – a brilliant idea that was just approved by US federal regulators. Because the market really needs more “pin the tail on the donkey”, abstract investing schemes that have nothing to do with the real economy. Can you tell I’m a real fan of hedge funds and derivatives?

Apparently movie studios oppose the decision saying releases could be sabotaged by rival betting, and those who finance films feel it’s a plus because it generates capital for the industry.

You’ll find that this ruling is a bit ironic if you’re a reader of this site and you subscribe to Sarah’s take about movie spending and opening weekends posted yesterday. If you didn’t, give it a read and then consider how much less opening receipts will have to do with the quality of a film going forward.

Pathetic. I prefer Blackjack.

Written by Jacek

File photo from Gettyimages.com