Beyonce. MET Gala dress. How could you forget it?

According to US Weekly, it might not have been her first choice?

B was an hour late arriving at the event. According to an US source, she was delayed because she was online, checking what other people were wearing. And then decided to turn back to change into what she ended up wearing. Supposedly the original choice wasn’t bold enough.

Beyonce’s rep is denying the claim. And another source also insists that the Givenchy situation was the only plan from the very beginning and took months to put together. I buy this.

Because…why would Beyonce need a reason for being late other than wanting people to wait for her, the most important arrival of the entire night? She always meant to get there when she got there. On her time, well after everyone else. If you believe the story that she actually had on another outfit and was already on her way, then you believe that she would have showed up with everyone else. And was happy to share the carpet with everyone else. Please. Who is that person? I don’t know that person.

But I do love this white trench coat.