Us Weekly is reporting that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are together. Apparently they’ve been dealing with each other since filming wrapped on Spider-Man but have yet to go public because they don’t want his ex Shannon to find out.

I LOVE Emma Stone. And, as you know, I’m getting really into Andrew Garfield. The two of them together? SO CUTE. Only...

I only wish it wasn’t a co-star situation. It’s so ...twee! It’s so... Kristen & Rob! Right?

Having said that, OMG, I totally want to see them holding hands.

As for how legit this is, or whether or not this is a studio set-up to drive interest for the movie – I’ve reached out to two contacts, both insist that neither Emma nor Andrew would be into playing those kinds of games to which I replied: “Um, this is a massive motherf-cking superhero picture, if they have to they will bend over”, and they still stayed to their story and said that these two wouldn’t front a fake game. I dunno... I’d still like to get a third and fourth opinion before running with this one. And if new photos conveniently turn up tomorrow morning, I’ll be even more disappointed. Keep you posted.

Photo from Richie Buxo/