Click here for the original article from yesterday. As expected, there’s more. As expected, it’s trouble.

There was a report on TMZ yesterday that was subsequently retracted about Tony Parker filing for divorce. This prompted many, including a few of you on the liveblog to presume that because Tony was the one who had filed, it means that Eva Longoria would have been the one to blame. As I noted at the time, who files first has nothing to do with who f-cked up. Who files first is often about money. And besides, as also noted, when there’s a professional athlete involved, my first assumption is always that it’s the professional athlete who will be to blame. And in this case, it is.

Us Weekly is reporting exclusively that Eva is leaving Tony because he cheated on her with a mutual friend. They’d been carrying on for almost a year. Eva found the texts (hundreds of them), called him on it, he admitted it, he begged her to stay but she left his ass anyway. She also apparently confronted the other woman. Suddenly I’m coming around to the idea of being a fan of Eva Longoria... ?

What is it with cheaters and their inability to use the delete button? Do they read that sh-t back like high school notes in a shoebox?

I couldn’t be the wife of a professional athlete. I couldn’t strap myself to my husband all the time. And I shouldn’t have to strap myself to my husband all the time. I also wouldn’t be able to stop myself from shanking all the bitch whores who’d throw themselves at him. It’s not worth going to prison for. But they always think they’re The One and he’d never cheat on The One. It’s heartbreaking how wrong they are. Remember the CNN report?

80 – 90% of professional athletes cheat.

I’m a gambler and even I’m not taking that bet.

As for Eva – the magazines put their issues to bed late late Monday night. Us Weekly would have alerted her people to the fact that they had this story, that they had these details. The only response her people have had is to deny that Tony filed for divorce. They haven’t denied anything else. And if they wanted to, if they wanted to keep up the fraud like the Beckhams, they would categorically deny all claims. And we’d roll our eyes.

Am very interested to see if Eva plays this like Sandra Bullock. That’s the textbook way to play it. Don’t fight the story, especially when the story is true. If done right, Longoria could come out of this with a newfound popularity. Not a bad consolation prize to a broken marriage.