Here are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris leaving her NYC apartment separately today. As usual, she’s in a crop. Under coveralls. I can’t hate this look. If I was as tall as she is, I would totally try it.

As you know, Taylor and Calvin went out for dinner the other night holding hands. Click here for a refresher. Now US Weekly has some “exclusive” detail about that evening and their relationship. Apparently they were so into each other that they closed the place down. And Taylor’s so interesting, so compelling, it’s changed Calvin’s perspective. According to them, ahem, source:

"They're really into each other. Normally when Calvin parties, there are girls everywhere, but he’s completely toned down and is just about Taylor. He's changed because of her — he's much nicer, a lot more calm. He's happy to stay home with her and not be on the scene."

Oh but wait. There’s more. The source keeps going:

"They spend a lot of nights watching Netflix and catching up on shows they never get to see. He had no idea that she would change him so much."

After all the men who disappointed her before, and the songs she wrote about them afterwards, about how they didn’t appreciate her, this is exactly how she’d want to be described, non? To be in the company of Taylor Swift is to not want for anything. She’s the most interesting woman in the world. Basically the Dos Equis beer guy. Except she can sing.