There was a little something extra in Uma’s face tonight in London for the premiere of The Accidental Husband co-starring Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Uma and Colin – great onscreen pairing, non? Me likey.

Unfortunately he probably won’t get the girl. The Accidental Husband is about a power woman in her safe power relationship with her safe Steady Man (Colin) who has to choose between her boring life and the exhilarating but unpredictable possibilities with The Wild Card (Morgan).

Click here for the trailer.

Formula, formula, formula. Ugh.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan over Colin Firth???

Is this still because of Denny? Must still be because of Denny. The MiniVan Majority LOVED Denny. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Denny over and over again. Except with a healthy heart. Like the male equivalent of Rachel Green/Jennifer Aniston.

Or maybe Uma in the end of the movie will end up with a gay fireman? Gay firemen are the best. Look at them! Beefy and preening on the red carpet, lean and popping from a chicken and rice only diet for the last 2 weeks in preparation for this big moment.

I stayed at the W in San Francisco once. Every day on the hour I’d grab a latte and stand at the corner watching the gay firetruck go by. Totally made my life.

What would Tom Cruise give to put his ethics into the brown-haired fellow on the right?

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