After an off/on relationship with super rich hotelier Andre Balasz, Uma Thurman has moved on… to Elle Macpherson’s baby father Arpad Busson, nickname Arky. He was seen grabbing her ass in NYC a few days ago…

Andre and Arky – she has a type, non? Handsome wealthy Euro-dudes with yachts, sexy in that wealthy Euro-dude way.

But is Uma Thurman pulling a Denise Richards? Here they are – Uma and Elle at Valentino’s party earlier this month… posing together or actually friends? Has Uma violated Girl Code? To be fair, I have no recollection of the two of them being friends but at the same time, word is, Elle doesn"t play by Girl Code either.

Rumour has it, what Elle wants, Elle tries to get... even if there"s a wife in the way. And she"s also known to be a crazy bitch. Uma vs Elle... would LOVE to see that go down.