Oh look at Uncle Leo being all cute and uncley with Ruby Maguire and her mom Jen in New York the other day. I wonder if Uncle Leo doesn’t feel the way I do about children: love your children, not interested in (having) my own children. I mean, it’s not like Gisele didn’t want babies. And I’m not sure that 22 year old models - his usual dating target - are the most likely candidates for baby-making should a man be ready for the baby-making. It’s the way of George Clooney. Is it the way of Leonardo DiCaprio?

Uncle Leo’s last girlfriend was Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. They were together as of a month ago. He’s been shooting Django Unchained in Louisiana (which is apparently why he couldn’t make it to promote Titanic 3D) and I don’t have a more up to date status report about whether or not he’s still interested in her. But I did wonder about him when I heard yesterday that Anne V had dumped Adam Levine.

Anne V, of course, is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. She and Levine have been together two years. She announced their split by releasing a statement. Apparently this surprised him. Look at Anne V. I mean, she’s perfect for Leo, isn’t she?

What happens when a model leaves a modeliser in favour of another, more elite, modeliser? If I could script gossip for the Gossip Genie, this is what I’d write. Just to watch Adam Levine’s dick shrink. And don’t think Leo wouldn’t do it just for that reason either (even though Anne V, at 26, might be a little old for him). He’s been playing this game for 20 years. For those of you who haven’t been reading the blog too long and may have missed this link earlier, clear your schedule for 20 minutes so that you can enjoy this article. It’s a classic, I PROMISE YOU.