It is not the kind of thing you could describe.   There doesn’t seem, anyway, to be a way to describe “big-print black floral, think the early 90s, giant peplum” and make it sound good.  Add to that some brand-new bleached hair, and it really sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But – doesn’t Elisabeth Moss look like she’s never been happier or healthier? She does. It’s lazy to just wonder if she has a new love in her life, but I mean, we know what she’s doing workwise, you know? As far as I know she hasn’t signed to some giant film franchise or anything (sidebar: upon realizing Katherine Heigl was not and would not be at the Emmys, I felt only relief at not having to justify her haircut) so her lit-up face comes from …I don’t actually know where. She looked great, even if I could have dealt with a more creative shoe with the ensemble. But still. For someone who has turned up matronly at these things year after year, this looks lively for the first time.

I evilly wished they had cut to her when Fred Armisen appeared onscreen, but then again, she’s been so sassy about that whole situation in interviews recently that she might just have winked at us.  I kind of love her.  Imagine if Peggy gets to be all blonde ambition in season 6?