Dear Gossips,

I am in love.

I have just spent the last half an hour in my office, incapable of working, because I have fallen in love. With an academic, a true intellectual. His name is Eric Monkman.

Eric Monkman took over Twitter last night during his performance on UK quiz-show University Challenge (can we please get University Challenge over here in North America?) for his intensity and his commitment to competition. Eric clearly enjoys knowing. I mean he relishes it. And he’s really good at knowing. This is very attractive. I like someone who knows things. And Eric, obviously, knows a lot of things.

Please enjoy Eric’s introduction and a sample of his knowing:

How about TWO Canadians on the Cambridge team? Maple Leaf Nerds, we need more Maple Leaf Nerds!

He’s the best, right? The way he turns his head after he states his name and study is killing me. I am obsessed with him. And so was the audience. Because Twitter lit up after seeing Eric in action. Here are a couple of my favourites:


You’re in love now too, aren’t you? All serious, no snark. Why shouldn’t a university student, from Oakville, Ontario, working on a masters in economics become a worldwide sensation? Eric was my relief this morning because everyone in my social circle (Duana is leading the charge) is talking about the JonBenet Ramsey thing on CBS last night. If you need a break from JonBenet speculation, spend some time googling University Challenge. Or just keep watching Eric Monkman highlights over and over again. I have now shared him with half the building and we are now all fangirls. Monkman FOR LIFE.

Yours in gossip,