Fifty Shades Of Grey will be released on DVD on May 8. They want your money so they’re promising that this version will be “unrated”, with an alternate ending and new scenes.


Come scenes?

One of my biggest problems (aside from Jamie Dornan’s overall discomfort) with the movie is that NOBODY COMES. Click here and here if you missed my review and other comments about the film. Two full hours. Not one orgasm. You can understand why this is kind of a problem, right?

So is this how they’re fixing the problem? Does this count as fixing the problem? Let’s say you spend your $30 or so on the DVD. And you bring it home. And you stick your hand down your pants. And, thankfully, finally, you get off… like 3 months too late. I’m not sure it’s supposed to work like that. Unless they’re redefining how it’s supposed to work. Normally though, the theatrical version should stand on its own. Normally you give me one Come Face in the theatre to hold me over for the 10 Come Faces on DVD. I’m telling you, Charlie Hunnam would have given us a lot more Come Face – in theatre AND on DVD.

Here’s the teaser for the DVD with all its promises:

Attached- Dakota Johnson arriving at LAX on the weekend.