As mentioned earlier, the NYDN reported today that Diane Kruger sat on Norman Reedus at a bar in New York on Friday night and grinded on top of him. Norman is denying that anything happened. There has, however, been no denial that they were there. Now, according to Gossip Cop, they were there with Fabienne Berthaud, who directed Diane, Norman, and Joshua Jackson in Sky. Gossip Cop’s sources also insist that the kissing didn’t happen and that Diane and Joshua are still together.

So, basically, the only thing we know for sure is that Diane and Joshua are still together. Because if they weren’t together, they wouldn’t be so vehemently against us thinking that Diane and Norman have been creeping behind his back.

It’s just that…well…the details are SO specific. It wasn’t just like, “oh we saw Diane and Norman and they were sitting really close together and at one point their heads were bent low and she was smiling flirtatiously at him”. No. Straight up the description is that she “literally got out of her chair and straddled him” and were “making out on top of each other, holding hands”. In my experience, that’s not a make-a-story. Usually when it’s delivered like that, it’s a see-a-story.

But, you know, celebrities never lie. So, really, Joshua doesn’t have anything to worry about when he comes home, right?