Like I said… you do NOT want to get on Janice Min’s bad side. And Britney has long feuded with Us Weekly. So on the heels of her OK Magazine disaster and her video shoot disaster and her overall general disastrousness, the magazine’s new cover is one of the worst ever:

Britney’s Boys: Soda in baby bottles, Mommy’s many men, nighttime cries for Daddy’s love. Kevin battles for Sean and Jayden as Britney grows more dangerous.

Now you know I love US Weekly…but even I feel a little uncomfortable with that cover. Having said that, as I first reported from the OK incident, the girl is a wreck. In the truest sense of the word. Maybe this is what she needs to finally straighten her sh-t out. And you have to wonder - who inside her camp is colluding with Janice Min? Could it be the Ex, or her mother?