While PEOPLE’s cover this week features Tom Cruise and his sad eyes - click here or see below for that article from earlier today - US Weekly’s focus is on our new superhero, Courage Mom, Katie Holmes. Very smart. The cover hints at Katie’s parenting decisions, appealing directly to the MiniVan Majority, and the pages inside provide details about how Katie is determined to raise Suri properly in an attempt to mitigate the influence that life with Tom Cruise has had on her daughter’s life and life approach.

“Katie saw that Suri was growing into a monster.”

According to magazine sources Tom spoiled her. He bought her anything and everything she wanted included designer clothing. Like an $850 Ferragamo tote. (I love how we’re even blaming the fashion sh-t on him now. I mean, I’m down with snarking on Tom but...do we really believe he picked out a Ferragamo bag? The way this narrative is unfolding is so incredibly fascinating, non?) And all the toys she could possibly want. He also apparently never set boundaries:

“Tom just used to let (Suri) stay up all night watching Scientology kids’ videos!”

What’s a Scientology kids’ video? Who plays Darth Vader? What’s wrong with just letting her watch Dora?

Now that they’re divorced though, Us reports that Katie is trying to change Suri’s habits. She has to clean her own room now! As you can imagine, Suri has supposedly been resistant. But Katie, obviously, because she’s the Greatest Mother Ever, is firm and insistent and is willing her baby to grow up normal... ish. She’s even encouraging her to make friends. Suri, under the rule of Tom, never used to have real friends. Fine. But can she please be friends with Matilda Ledger?

Here’s Katie in New York today while Tom took Suri up in a helicopter. Many of you have been asking why Suri is always carried and never seems to walk. Katie’s now starting to let her walk a little, for the photo opportunity, to make sure you see the difference between her before and after the divorce. Still, when you’re surrounded by all those photographers, maybe it’s just quicker to pick the kid up and get her inside. Think about how much longer it would take to get down a block if you let a 6 year old do it herself while the paps are flashing away. It would seem like a red carpet.