Twi-Hards are really mad at US Weekly. After all, US Weekly had the world exclusive on last week’s biggest story, the story that will continue to dominate headlines for ...a while. A reader called Andrea emailed this hilarious link to me yesterday. One the great joys of our lives is the Twi-Hard capacity to be completely f-cking nuts.

It’s tabloid Wednesday tomorrow. Most of the magazines will be featuring Stewart’s cheating scandal. Since US Weekly has been taking the lead on it though, their information will likely be the most reliable. In advance of whatever dishy gossip they’re about to drop on us tomorrow, US has posted an article addressing some inaccurate reporting around the Stewart-Pattinson-Sanders situation.

Most interesting is that whole business with the U-Haul truck moving Stewart’s sh-t out of their house. Apparently it was rented by an entrepreneurial pap who staged the shots. Stewart isn’t living there anymore, no, but she also didn’t remove all her belongings out the place in that manner either. And Liberty Ross’s brother may not have made those comments to The People? Also Robert Pattinson isn’t out partying in London. London is full of festive Olympic fun right now. Maybe not where a betrayed boyfriend wants to hang. That might not be a bad sign for those of you hoping for a reconciliation. IF there is to be one, and man, that would be a mega if, it would help that he hasn’t taken off.