Us Weekly  has an amazing article today with more details about Jennifer Lopez's split from Marc Anthony. Like amazing, amazing, amazing. Whether or not it's true, it's still amazing, amazing, amazing.

According to the magazine, JLo's ma, Guadalupe, out of concern for her daughter, emailed Ben Affleck for advice on what to do about her crumbling marriage.



Go get a snack. Stories like this need to be savoured.

Us claims that contrary to reports that JLo has been unfaithful with some video hunk, it was, as we knew, Marc who was controlling and paranoid, to the point that she couldn’t stand it anymore, and this precipitated the demise of their marriage. I’m told that she did not cheat. Whether or not he did is still open for debate.

Back to Ben and Guadalupe – supposedly Ben answered back, spoke his mind, and wished them well. Three days later, JLo and Marc ... done. Then "a source" decided to share it with the world. You have to appreciate how many levels of smuttiness this covers.

First of all, obviously, the Bennifer history. What a nice little f-ck you JLo has just sent her ex-husband. What a nice little “how you like them apples” JLo has just sent the real Mrs Affleck, Jennifer Garner. That is some serious and sophisticated Girl Sh-t right there. Remember when I told you earlier this week that JLo was allegedly intending to work with Us Weekly all along in announcing the split until they were cockblocked by Marc’s side and PEOPLE? Click here for a refresher. And now JLo is on the new cover of Us Weekly? THAT is what you call a makeup deal. With an information exchange.


No no no. Celebrities never work with tabloids! Especially not when the entire story is straight up her ass, totally favouring her side.

The split is not even a week fresh. And already, already the true JLo, the one who has lain dormant for too long, has re-emerged. Just a taste of what it will be like now that she’s single again. This is Good for Gossip. Very, very Good for Gossip.

Attached – Gossip Nostalgia!

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