Us Weekly’s cover features Pipsqueak in the middle flanked by Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. Us was also the publication several months ago that reported that Justin and Jessica had split, just before she apparently rushed back to LA from Vancouver to plead with him to reconsider their relationship. Us once again is claiming that Shelfy is clinging to love.

Pip is working with Cammie on Bad Teacher. You’ve seen the photos of them loose and flirty on set. According Us, JT is deliberately keeping Jessica away from set, only allowing her to come visit when Cam’s not shooting. Cam for her part, still harbouring a grudge from her own breakup with JT when Jessica moved in on him, is very much enjoying the turned table situation, amping up her energy around Justin, reminding him of how fun she is as opposed to the Beige Biel, prompting the Beige Biel to call up JT and start crying. Us also says that he’s apparently telling his friends that he’s tired of Jessica and has more fun when she’s not around.

What a total prick, yes. The article features a “horndog” rundown of his ... player ways. And that’s hardly surprising. But she stays. And she will stay. And they will deny this latest round because she won’t leave. That’s the deal. That’s his freedom and her exchange. She’s the “official girlfriend”. Whatever that’s worth. Girl power!

The new issue of Us is available now.