etalk has the advance pages and I’m reporting on it for the show tonight at 7pm. It’s Us Weekly’s new exclusive: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. For the third time.

Apparently she can’t get enough. Apparently he has some kind of power urine hold on her and she can’t quit the taste. Apparently they’ve always had a strong bond and just drifted back into bed with one another. Because she’s tired of all the headlines calling her a desperate shrew?

According to the magazine they’re trying to keep it quiet for now. Right. This must be how Us Weekly got hold of the story. Since their reunion she’s been ecstatic, a totally new person on the set of The Baster, even though sources are cautioning against yet another case of douchebag disappointment.

He’s kicking off a promotional tour soon. And he’s also incapable not being dicky for more than a month. This is what attracts her. Assholes. Not John Stamos, but assholes.

More on their secret meetings and a gift that’s reappeared tonight on etalk at 7pm.

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