etalk has an exclusive advance look at the new Us Weekly and it’s all about Tiger Woods and if you thought last week was sh-tty, it’s about to get much, much worse.

There will be more.

More women.

One woman claims they’ve been f-cking for almost 3 years. And…she has the text messages. And the voice messages. The sexting is embarrassing. All of it is terribly embarrassing. Especially an email that was allegedly sent from Tiger to one of the women he was involved with. For a guy who is fiercely private, the sh-t that’s coming out, the details about what he’s like and what he attracted… it’s mortifying. And so stupid. SO STUPID. They don’t think when they think they’re invincible. The article also gently suggests that when Tiger parties, oh he parties, sometimes leading to out of control behaviour.

etalk has more on the exclusive new Us Weekly tonight.

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