Usher and his baby mother Tameka Foster were supposed to get married on Saturday. He bailed at the last minute and it is still not known the current status of their relationship - whether they plan to reschedule or whether they are through for good.

Usher is 28, Tameka 37 with 3 children from a previous marriage. Usher addressed the automatic raised eyebrows in a statement to People Magazine earlier: "I am happy, excited, completely clear and independent on my direction, feelings, decisions, and I am NOT BEING LED."

Apparently his mother didn’t believe him. The mother was his manager – he fired her two months ago. And she hates Tameka and she wasn’t invited but then she was invited but she didn’t want to go and god only knows what was coming out of her mouth behind the scenes. In-law issues…we all have them. Some worse than others.

In Usher’s case – he got it bad. And it looks like he also got cold feet. After reportedly disagreeing on everything in the days leading up to the planned ceremony, including the wedding menu – she wanted bbq and he wanted fancy pants French cuisine (I’m with her on this one) – neither appeared ready to make the commitment…and so the current limbo with a child expected some time this fall.