They officially sealed the deal a few weeks ago in his lawyer’s office but this weekend, Usher and Tameka Foster celebrated their wedding with 200 guests on a sprawling estate in Georgia. Oprah’s best friend was there…but Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, was not.

They say Tameka is a conniving, scheming cow who pushed aside Jonetta to get to Usher, leaving her previous marriage for a shot at a bigger jackpot, getting pregnant on purpose and backing him into a corner. They say Jonetta saw through Tameka’s game, prompting Tameka to talk Usher into firing his own mother from his management team. They say Jonetta has tried repeatedly to convince Usher he was being played… to no avail. And they say Usher is too blind to believe it.

So they say.

But what say you? Are you a wife? Do you have a mother in law?

Just asking…

Baby Momma trumps Momma? Or no one trumps Momma?