There’s nothing quite like the sh-t that comes out during a custody and child support trial. You see what happened with Francois Henri-Pinault? He cut it off after only a couple of days when it started to get stank, knowing that if he allowed it to go on, Linda Evangelista would make sure every embarrassing detail about his life would be made available to the public. As I’ve said so many times before, I’m amazed he even let it get that far, that he didn’t take care of it privately to begin with.

Because look what’s going down between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster. You can read the blow-by-blow on TMZ here and here. With video.

Verdict so far?

BOTH assholes.

She spat and raged and threatened to kill his current girlfriend by throwing a plate of food at her...? He may or may not use drugs around their children and allegedly prefers partying to spending time with them. He also couldn’t deny it when asked if he’s been in the presence of his kids while under the influence.

They say it’ll get worse. That the accusations will get worse. That the hate will continue in court. And of course, as they always do, their boys will suffer the greatest. Maybe not now, not immediately, but later. Later when they learn of it. Later when these two keep stabbing each other through their sons.

I am too selfish to have children. Selfish, petty, vindictive, and totally the kind of person who would use my child as a pawn to punish my ex-partner. Which is why it’s better that I shouldn’t have kids. Some parents are actually more selfish than those who prefer not to have any. There is no way that this is the only way for these two. He’s too greedy to make concessions and write a bigger cheque. She’s too jealous to settle for anything less than seeing him miserable for the rest of his life without her.

So get comfortable. Because after all I just wrote, I’m the bigger asshole who’ll be following every ugly detail.

Attached - Usher at the Billboard Awards on Sunday.