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Usher’s crush on Tessa Thompson

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2018 16:36:52 March 8, 2018 16:36:52
Jesse Grant/ Getty Images

Usher is getting a divorce. He and his estranged wife, Grace Miguel, confirmed this week that they are ending their marriage. Now Page Six is reporting that Usher’s been over it for a while. And that he’s ready to move on… with Tessa Thompson?  Usher and his second wife, Grace Miguel, confirmed this week that they’re ending their marriage of two years. Full Story

Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez in Hands of Stone

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 2, 2016 16:42:36 September 2, 2016 16:42:36

Knowing absolutely nothing about boxer Roberto Duran, I was intrigued going into his biopic, Hands of Stone. Biopics often work better the less you know about the subject—dramatic license is less distracting—but then, if the biopic is too broad and messy, you can feel even more lost because you have no frame of reference for what’s going on. Full Story

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A Scrub is Guy Who Thinks He’s Fly

Maria Posted by Maria at October 22, 2013 17:31:32 October 22, 2013 17:31:32
Mark Mainz/ Keith Bedford/ Matthew Peyton/ Getty

We all have our flavour of celebrity couple nostalgia: Johnny and Kate, Johnny and Winona, Brad and Gwyneth, JLo and Ben. One of my all-time favourites: Usher and Chilli. What? It’s the perfect combination of pop music, drama, and music videos. I have always loved TLC and judging by the longevity of their music, so do a lot of you. Full Story

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Usher’s custody trial

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 22, 2012 13:56:47 May 22, 2012 13:56:47

There’s nothing quite like the sh-t that comes out during a custody and child support trial. You see what happened with Francois Henri-Pinault? He cut it off after only a couple of days when it started to get stank, knowing that if he allowed it to go on, Linda Evangelista would make sure every embarrassing detail about his life would be made available to the public. Full Story

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Dickless Usher

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 4, 2009 07:21:53 March 4, 2009 07:21:53

No balls either. Usher earned some respect yesterday when his comments on the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation were released. Specifically addressing the pictures showing Breezy jet skiing and cavorting in Miami a few days ago, Usher criticised:"I'm a little disappointed in this photo. After the other photo [of Rihanna's bruised face posted by TMZ]? C'mon, Chris. Full Story

Mom Wins

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 4, 2008 13:09:36 September 4, 2008 13:09:36

Actually… money wins. Quick saga recap: Usher’s managed by his mom for years. Usher meets Tameka. Mom hates Tameka. Usher defends Tameka’s controversial reputation. Tameka gets pregnant. Mom gets booted. Tameka marries Usher. Usher’s new album sucks. Usher reconnects with Mom. Full Story

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dear Gossips,

So Usher has “rehired” his mom as his manager. When mom was around, he couldn’t make a mistake. When mom was sidelined, his new album went to sh*t. Someone’s ego suffered a boo boo. And only mommy could fix it.

Problem is, his mother hates his baby mother.

Drama ahead. Look out.

Why besides the obvious? Well because Usher’s time may have come and gone. And if and when he fails to recapture his past glory, will he be man enough not to blame his wife? Sigh. They often are not.

Thursday – new posts throughout the day, refresh, refresh, refresh!

Yours in gossip,


PS. The Taupes are not having problems paying the bills.

Married without Momma

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 4, 2007 00:00:00 September 4, 2007 00:00:00

They officially sealed the deal a few weeks ago in his lawyer’s office but this weekend, Usher and Tameka Foster celebrated their wedding with 200 guests on a sprawling estate in Georgia. Oprah’s best friend was there…but Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, was not. They say Tameka is a conniving, scheming cow who pushed aside Jonetta to get to Usher, leaving her previous marriage for a shot at a bigger jackpot, getting pregnant on purpose and backing him into a corner. Full Story