Prince Harry attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala tonight in London in support of WellChild. This just a week after it was reported that he was making out with a blonde at a pub. According to the UK Sun, Harry was out with friends for dinner and at some point in the night, he and the blonde – who was a part of their group – started “passionately kissing”.

So that would count as a very public display of affection. And no one took a photo?

I don’t understand how he could be in a private suite in Vegas and have his cupped balls show up on an iPhone, followed by TMZ, and no one was able to creep a shot of him tonguing a new girl when there were clearly witnesses there, the kind of witnesses who would sell him out to the British papers.

Not that I don’t believe it. I totally believe it. I totally believe that he still would – despite Instagram and Twitter and whatever, Harry would, yes, go full snog out in the open. So it should really only be a matter of time. Unless, of course, this has spooked him. Please. If Vegas didn’t spook him, we’re due for another. Next time, next kiss.