Jimmy Fallon Late Night premiere – did you watch? Can’t blame him for being totally cranked the entire time. It was the first show after all. Hopefully he’ll dial it back, chill out going forward. I buzzed for a full hour afterwards.

There were ups, there were downs. The De Niro interview I enjoyed. The Pipsqueak interview not at all. F-ck he’s a smug little prick. Wonder if “Bob” wanted to take him out. As it turns out he didn’t have to bother. Because Justin Timberlake sat DOWN for Van Morrison.

I’m no Van Morrison expert but it’s my understanding the late night circuit, the usual promotional shenanigans, it’s not really his style. Someone involved with Fallon must have called in ten thousand favours. Because there’s Van Morrison lighting it up on Late Night and even the Pip’s massive ego, even the Pips couldn’t contain himself.

At the end though, at the very end, Van Morrison had time for Robert De Niro, he had time for Jimmy Fallon (you must acknowledge the host after all) but he had no time for Justin Timberlake. No. Time.

And why would he have the time for Justin Timberlake?

As far as Van Morrison is concerned, Justin Timberlake can jump up his ass. He’s not looking for a performing partner at the Grammys, he certainly doesn’t give a sh-t about tweens, and at the end of the day, what more does Van Morrison have to prove?

Love, love, LOVE.

Anyway, JT was everywhere last night – he also attended the Tribeca Ball Fundraising Gala for the NY Academy of Art and I’ve tried all morning, can’t find any photos of Van Morrison, not surprising, nor has the clip hit YouTube just yet. Check back here. Will post when it goes up.

PS. It’s Shelfy’s birthday today. You think there will be photos?

Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon Late Night

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com