Cory Monteith had his Vancouver Canucks cap on on Friday arriving in Montreal to attend the Virgin store opening. That night, back in Vancouver, his Canucks shut out the Boston Bruins to go up 3-2 in the Stanley Cup final Game 5. Tonight is Game 6. Back in Boston where the Bruins have owned the Canucks, where the Canucks have been undressed, where they’ve played and have been played like fools...

Jacek has been a useless wreck all day. He keeps trying to talk to me which...when I’m working, it’s never a good idea. As you know, I am rooting for the Canucks for many reasons – my husband’s happiness, the value of my season tickets, etc – but right now, I am hoping the Canucks take it tonight because, simply, I DO NOT want to go back to Rogers Arena for Game 7. It’s too much stress. During Game 5 I went from wanting to throw up, to wanting someone to throw up ON me, to getting the nervous sh-t swirls. It’s the WORST. And if they lose tonight, I cannot even imagine how tense it will be on Wednesday. Cannot handle.

You know what else I cannot handle?

The decision to light the Olympic torch. There’s a feng shui argument about why that was a dumb idea – click here for the Feng Shei Master’s analysis of how that decision may have cost the Canucks – but mostly, for me, it was just bad form.

The Olympic torch? For a hockey team?

Since the 2010 Games ended, that torch was relit on two occasions: Canada Day and the anniversary of the Games. Not actually sure what the Stanley Cup has to do with that. I haven’t sent this feng shui article to Jacek because it would just freak him out even more. He’s very, very superstitious. In a sporty way and in a half Chinese by marriage way. And, I suspect, he would also think the Olympic torch lighting for a hockey team is bad luck too.

My ma says fans doing good things can reverse that kind of sh-t. Let’s make it a good, gritty, classy, clean game tonight, ok?

OMG I feel sick already.

(I was just given a stern lecture from Jacek about finishing this article “on a more positive note”. He is pacing and sweating, and has been growing worse and worse all day. This, naturally, is making my life. It’s hilarious. I wish I could video him but he keeps having to use the bathroom.)

Anyway, for Canucks fans, and Vancouver, where I live – as corny as it sounds, if they play for each other, and at their level, we can dream the big dream, right?

Photos from PUNKD Images