Vanessa Hudgens at ShoWest yesterday at the CBS Films presentation and at the ceremony where she received the Female Star of Tomorrow Award. Um, really? For her legs, right? Because those are some legs. Really, really great legs. And she works hard on those legs. If I had those legs and worked as hard on those legs as she does, I would be wearing short dresses every day too.

She looked great yesterday. Really, really great. And she was there also to promote her upcoming film Beastly (Beauty & The Beast with the Gossip Girl treatment) with co-stars Neil Patrick Harris (not pictured) and the very, very pretty Alex Pettyfer. When I wrote about him last August – click here for a refresher – I compared him to LipGloss Zac Efron. Oh these boys and their hair.

Beastly drops at the end of July, hoping for a summer holiday teen box office. It’s a movie that takes itself too seriously about high school and beautiful rich kids being bitchy. Please. Of course I want to see it. Am also curious to see if Pettyfer takes off. Sometimes, no matter how handsome, sometimes they just don’t hit. This boy is beautiful, and blonde, and British... and still it’s never a sure thing.

The teaser trailer for Beastly is below. And a featurette after that. SO cheese you will love it.


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