Vanessa Hudgens just wrapped on a film called Beastly, a Twitter generation retelling of Beauty & the Beast about the boy who has everything who wrongs a pruney MK Olsen and becomes victim to a curse that can’t break until someone loves him for who he really is…

The star of the film is a British actor called Alex Pettyfer. You may know him from Stormbreaker and a brief flirtation with Emma Watson.

Needless to say, Hudgens is the love interest.

Mystifyingly popular. Why?

A few stills from the movie have just been released – see below and click here for more photos that were posted online today.

As you can see, we’re still not out of this limp boy hair phase. In fact, he’s even giving LipGloss a run for his money.

Will you see Beastly? Will Beastly be the next It?

They are predicting it.

Here’s the preview. Please. I know you’re emailing your best friend RIGHT NOW about MK’s hair.