Coachella. Some call it a music festival. I call it the time of year when celebrities dress like assholes. And no one does it better at Coachella than Vanessa Hudgens. Click here and here if you are not familiar.

Coachella begins this weekend. The NY Daily News had a report yesterday about how much certain celebrities were being paid to go and wear sh-t or tweet sh-t. McDonald’s is supposedly paying Hudgens $15,000 to be there. Kate Bosworth is apparently still looking for sponsorship and her fee is $30,000. Lea Michele’s publicist has denied that she’s getting $20,000 from Lacoste. Sure. I might buy that Lea Michele doesn’t need the cash money but Hudgens? Hudgens will be at Coachella. And she will dress like an asshole at Coachella. And she will be earning while looking like an asshole at Coachella.

Check her out leaving a yoga class the other day wearing some stupid boots getting a head start on dressing like an asshole at Coachella.