Six words that will send a celebrity straight to Hate List hell:

Do you know who I am?

No, bitch… who the f&ck are you???

This is Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron’s pretend girlfriend. She was in Vancouver last night to play a show at the PNE. Arrived in town yesterday – seen here in these exclusive photos by Punkd Images – and decided to drop in for some luxury shopping at Holt Renfrew before heading to the venue.

As you can see from the number of shopping bags she departed with, Vanessa easily dropped in excess of $15K. At least. And quickly too.

So she does her thing, spends the night, and is back at the airport this morning to jet off. As you know, for international flights, passengers are required to check in at least an hour ahead. Vanessa and her entourage cut it too short with only 45 minutes or so to go through customs and security and be at the gate. The airline attendants couldn’t guarantee that she’d get on – this ain’t LA y’all – which is when my sources say she promptly went pissy and dropped the following:

Do you know who I am?

Ummmm… Sit DOWN Disney girl!?!?!

Worse still, she had, like, over 15 trunks and suitcases with her – the poor dude at curbside unloaded it all and was supposedly paid for his trouble with… NOTHING. No tip. No thank you. Nothing.

Oh but wait. Wait wait wait.

She should be excused for her cheapness because she’s only 19, right? Right?


If she can drop several grand at Holt Renfrew she can tip the f&cking valet. Period.

Why does the Mouse keep raising stupid twats?

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