Keke Palmer was amazing in Grease: Live! But I never doubted it. The standout for me, and I suspect many of you, including Duana – click here to revisit her review – was Vanessa Hudgens. And the reason? Well, in recent years, it’s not Vanessa’s talent that makes headlines. Her acting and her voice are not what we – by “we”, I mean “I” – associate with her name. Because I’m too busy remembering that every year, in April, she dresses like an asshole. At Coachella.

I think of Coachella now the way some people started to think of Sundance a few years ago – a place where, for a few days, LA comes in with its LA attitude and f-cks sh-t up. And all of that irritation, in recent times, has been embodied by one person: Vanessa Hudgens. She is the worst perpetrator of Coachella asshole fashion.

Coachella begins tomorrow. And, unfortunately, Vanessa is ready:


Did someone say Coachella? Nails ✅ @laquenailbar

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I have Grease: Live! saved on my PVR. I’m going to watch it again this weekend. I will need it so that when I see whatever the f-ck it is that she ends up wearing I won’t be so bothered. Below – a collection of Vanessa’s Coachella crimes.