Twilight super losers had whipped themselves into a frenzy earlier this week when it was announced that Vanessa Hudgens had auditioned for a part in the sequel. LipGloss’s beard was said to have been coveting the role of Leah, the only lady wolf in the story.

Tricky, non?

LipGloss is jealous of Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend could be supporting Rob’s rise over her own man?


Summit and Hudgens have both instructed their people to clarify the story
– Vanessa is not currently in the running for a role in New Moon and more specifically…

Summit is not interested in her. Snort.

Also, some exclusive information about production.

Shooting is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-March but what’s interesting is that once New Moon wraps, the current plan is to break for 10 weeks and then go right into Eclipse. Apparently most crew members have been given advance notice about this to work around their own schedules accordingly. Like Lord of the Ring styles, it saves money, and you know Summit is cheap.

Right now though Chris Weitz has only been signed for New Moon…at least that’s the word publicly. More importantly though, if this is indeed their action plan, it would mean that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be chained to this f-cker for the ENTIRE year, which we knew anyway, but now, not only will he have no opportunity to pursue any other opportunities, he also won’t be able to cut his hair.

The hair. He cut it remember? And his co-star Ashley Greene revealed that Rob “got in trouble” for making a decision about his own hair.

Can you imagine?

This boy who’s trying to play it all independent and non corporate doesn’t even own his own hair. How long before Rob Pattinson tries to get out of his contract? Now THAT is hardcore. Deserving of a spot on the Freebie 5 if he gives Stephenie Meyer the ultimate f-ck you.

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