So it was Vanessa Minnillo – playing and posing with knives alongside Lindsay Lohan last year, reflecting an image far removed from the sweetheart Miss America hanging off of Nick Lachey’s arm.

The photos were taken last year and while Nessa may not have been partaking in whatever it is that pins Lilo’s pupils, safe to say the girl has a dark side – a side that doesn’t necessarily jive with the polished white teeth and the tacky ass pageant gowns that regularly make us Rossum and a not so inner diva that appears to be raging its ugly head.

Apparently Vanessa did not renew her contract with Entertainment Tonight because she sees herself above the grovelling, above the duties required of a journalist waiting on, chasing on, and interviewing celebrities. In her mind, SHE is a celebrity. In her mind therefore to work on a show like Entertainment Tonight and be subjected to her duties would be lowering herself to a level to which she doesn’t think she belongs.

Based on what?

Well… based solely on the fact that she’s dating Jessica Simpson’s ex husband. Let’s face it – Nick’s fame is tied to Jess, therefore Nessa’s fame is tied to Jess, therefore Nessa is riding on Jessie’s ass to popularity – in itself not something to be proud of but doubly galling when you consider that this sugar sweet little two faced twat is now joining the Overreachers Club… withOUT a full time job!


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