Seriously y’all…I am done with Vanessa Minnillo. Done, over, sick, Rossum! Is it at all possible for this girl to wear anything other than orange? Or gold? Or teal? With sequins and pearls and rhinestones and a Miss America sash with gleaming white teeth? Question: What is wrong with black? Answer: There is nothing wrong with black. The problem isn’t black, the problem is the stereotype. And the stereotype is that we Asians look better in “colour”, in bright fabrics to celebrate “the exotic”. Case in point: every time someone new tries to do my makeup, the first thing they pull out is the Red Lipstick. Because automatically, when you think Far East, you automatically think ching chong massage and a crimson pucker. WRONG. We look GREAT in black. Vanessa Minnillo would look AMAZING in black. But when she keeps NOT wearing black, the only result is Pageant. And with Pageant comes Cheese. And with Cheese comes Rossum. That’s all. Source