I gotta give it to Vanessa Minnillo. So many young girls these days make what I like to call the “hot air” mistake, charging in all roaring and shakin’ and “girl power” crazy, fingers snapping, weaves swaying, thinking that this is what sets them apart, believing that a tough attitude will distinguish them from the soft, supple sirens that stereotypically come a dime a dozen. Problem is – the hot air mistake is not only emasculating, it’s also frickin’ tired. Which is why I find Vanessa so brilliant. Here is a girl who has done her research, who has set her eyes on what she wants, who has taken her time to understand what her target needs. And after 3 (was it 3???) seemingly interminable years of marriage to Hollywood’s most retardedly ambitious blonde, how can you not be happy that Nick’s finally in a place where he gets to be the big star, on AND off stage? Check out Vanessa’s sweet sugar approach captured on video and see for yourself why this girl is probably more cleverly manipulative that she’s letting on. After all, who doesn’t know Vanessa Minnillo these days?